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Performly HRMS is a user-friendly HR & Payroll Software that is tailored for companies in Egypt. Performly HRMS manages payroll, attendance, Talent appraisal, employee requests & reports and much more. User-friendly HR Software. Labor law compliant. Start saving time & money. you can use Performly Intra , Performly Talent , Performly Payroll .Performly is a cloud-based human resources solution designed for small, midsize and large businesses. Primary features include talent management, object and competency management, 360-degree performance reviews, feedback collection, recognition, daily task checklist and internal process management.

The talent management module allows users to list employee objectives, job descriptions, core competencies and plans for growth and development. They can link objectives to the employee to-list and assess their performance. The 360-degree review functionality provides self-assessments, peer reviews and manager evaluations capability. Templates are provided for one-on-one check-in meetings to help users record and discuss progress and give feedback. Try it for free

البيانات :

  • المعلن performly hrms
  • المدينة: الامارات - الشارقة
  • السعر: 10.0AED
  • تاريخ الاضافة: 7 شهور
  • وسيلة الاتصال: 021145051033

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